Our Campers Need You

Wonderland Camp has a significant operating budget because of the high costs of utilities, insurance, and facilities maintenance. The COVID-19 pandemic costs, rise in inflation and staffing wages have continued to impact us even further.
Every year we serve approximately 1,000 campers and as our operating cost rise, the cost to come to camp increases too. As a non-profit, the cost to come to camp is $1,450 per week for each camper.

  • But our campers can’t afford $1,450 a week.
  • We only charge $950.
  • This means we need to raise $500 per camper each year = $500,000 to keep costs affordable.
  • That means we must rely on donors like you to bridge the gap.

Consider donating to camp today. Your gift is tax-deductible and helps bridge the gap for a camper to experience activities that can easily be taken for granted.

For legacy gifts, NAP credits, or to schedule a fundraising event contact:
Mike Clayton, Director of Fund Development and Communication.
Cell: 573-280-5648


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Financial Information and Transparency

Copies of our budget, 990 forms and privacy policy are available in the camp office.

If you'd like an additional way to help you may wish to consider donating one or more of the items for camp from our Wish List!





Wonderland Camp Endowment Fund

Like your gift, funds in the Wonderland Camp Endowment are invested for stability and long-term growth. The principle of the fund remains intact and only the earnings may be made available for use. Thus, your gift lasts forever!

Your Gift to the Wonderland Camp Endowment:

Is a critical component of the long-term success of Wonderland Camp
  • Supplies revenue when donations are down and needs arise
  • Offers stable and consistent support to Wonderland Camp
  • Shelters Wonderland Camp from ups and downs in the economy
  • Signals fiscal responsibility
  • Stresses future needs
  • Sends a message of stability
  • Perpetuates income from your donation year after year

Your commitment of a gift to the Wonderland Camp Endowment Fund is your statement of support for the continued growth, purpose, and vision of Wonderland Camp. A gift of cash, appreciated stock, as a part of your estate planning, or as a named beneficiary for life insurance are only a few ways to ensure you help Wonderland Camp and its mission forever!

Please make your donation payable to the Wonderland Camp Endowment Fund or contact the Wonderland Camp office to schedule an appointment to discuss your gift in more detail.



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