Philosophy of Camp
Wonderland Camp knows everyone can benefit from quality relationships, outdoor experiences and fun places. Our Camp is committed to the individual to be as independent as they want to be with the support to be successful. Success is individual and experiences should be personalized.

Typical Camp Experience 
3:1 ratio, camper to staff is the Wonderland Camp policy. ACA Camp Accreditation requires 5:1 ratio for campers 6 years of age and older. Wonderland Camp strives for a safe environment for every camper and maintains a ratio above the minimum camping standard.

One-on-One Camp Experience
1:1 Ratio, camper receives a counselor for their experience at camp. One-on-one camper spots are limited each week. Please register earlier if you interested in this program.

Does my child require a 1:1? 
Please use this criteria to see if your child may be more successful with a one-on-one week of camp:

  • needs constant supervision for safety of themselves or others.
  • could run-off and become lost.
  • requires individualized help because of the specific disability.
  • is in a manual wheelchair and must be pushed by a staff.
Please only use this if your camper requires it.

At Wonderland Camp, campers participate in lots of fun activities! You can try everything from swimming, boating, fishing to our high ropes challenge equipment, archery, and our bb gun range. Of course we also do arts and crafts, recreation, nature, music and all kinds of games. Evening activities include dances, karaoke, pool parties, carnivals and various other events.

All of the staff are trained on how to provide daily personal care of the campers that attend Wonderland Camp as well as knowledge of individuals with various ability levels, syndromes, and disorders that they will be working with. Staff are with campers at all times including activities, cabin time and while campers are sleeping.

Meals are designed around a healthy menu and served by courteous, professional kitchen staff. Any special diets or food preparation methods are provided to any camper or staff as needed.

Here's a few of the features of Wonderland Camp:
Campground is specially designed to be accessible to all individuals in wheelchairs. There are six duplex air conditioned cabins with 36 beds for campers and staff. Each of the duplexes are equipped with accessible restrooms.

Air Conditioned Dining Hall
The camp dining facilities are furnished with a massive stone fireplace, modern kitchen and lower level storm shelter which seats up to 200 people.

Easy access in-ground swimming pool
Constructed of a concrete deck and a gently sloping ramp with handrail for easy entry for all individuals.

Paved trails and sidewalks 
Easy to walk trails with hand rails and paved trails leading to the waterfront and archery range.

OK Clinic 
Our clinic feature two treatment rooms, separate locking medication areas, two bathrooms, four bedrooms for campers who may need extra attention or not feeling well, and private nurses quarters.

Health Care at the Lake
Lake Regional Health System is Wonderland Camp's health care provider of choice. Lake Regional Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and is a three-time recipient of the Missouri Quality Award. The Emergency Department is a state-designated Level III Trauma Center and cares for nearly 35,000 patients annually. Lake Regional Health System also operates seven primary care clinics, 19 specialty clinics and four pharmacies in the lake area. Because Lake Regional is here, Wonderland Camp campers have access to high-quality health care close to camp. 

Costume Room
This room allows our campers to become whoever they want to be while spending their time at camp.  We have costumes for all ages and sizes.

Fully covered dock area
Equipped for fishing, paddleboats, and pontoon boats.

Campfire area 
Campers can enjoy sharing stories as they sit around the camp fire.

Here, campers can enjoy special activities and events, like an outdoor cookout.

A soccer/baseball field with goals and a storage shed
The field also serves as a registered Heli-pad for any medical emergencies.



Check IN and Check OUT Information
Wonderland Camp's "Check In" for campers is Sundays from 2 pm - 4 pm. Pick up is typically on Fridays from 10 am - 12 pm.

  • Sunday - Check In from 2-4 PM; Evening- Swim Party

  • Monday - T-shirt Tie-Dye and activities, Evening- Karaoke

  • Tuesday - Waterfront and others; Evening- Carnival/Scavenger Hunt

  • Wednesday - Splash Pad and more; Evening- Talent Show

  • Thursday - BB Guns and Fishing; Evening- Dance!

  • Friday - Award Ceremony and get picked up 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

A Typical Day

7:00 AM – Get up
8:00 AM – Breakfast/Medications
9:00 AM – First Activity
10:30 AM – Second Activity
12:00 PM – Lunch/Medications
2:30 PM – Snack
3:00 PM – Activity
5:00 PM – Dinner/Medications
7:00 PM – Evening Activity
10:00 PM – Lights Out


What to do at Wonderland Camp?
Tree house, BB Guns, Boats, Fishing, Swimming, Splash Pad, Climbing the Rock Wall, Singing, Arts and Crafts, Music, Recreation, Fire Pit, Hiking, Bird Blind, Horseshoes, Swings, Miniature Golf, Hayrides, and more!

In the evening... Talent Show, Karaoke, Carnival, Scavenger Hunt, Swim Party, Dances!

What are the campers saying about Wonderland Camp?

"I'm a physically challenged adult and was struggling to find a summer escape. I had an awesome time and my parents wished we had found this camp much sooner! I feel so "normal" when I'm at Wonderland! Staff are great! I loved the boat ride - first time I had ridden in a boat!" 

"I have Cerebral Palsy and because of my disability, my movements are limited and my speech is slurred. Unfortunately, some people can't see beyond my disability. I require a lot of physical help but my mind works okay. At Wonderland Camp though, everyone is respected and accepted for who they are."

"Fun time, great friends" 

"It's the best place in the world!"


Wonderland Camp
18591 Miller Circle 
Rocky Mount, MO 65072